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Komatsu AE Series - 1.8-2t Electric Counterbalance

By Red Australia Equipment

Low Maintenance Cost

*  Total AC System eliminates motor brush or contractor replacements

*  Airtight Wet Disc Brakes does not require periodical maintenance

*  Dumper assisted hood allows for quick and easy battery check ups

*  Self diagnostic system greatly facilitates the problem solving process


Higher Productivity

*  All round dual drive

*  Stable control by the airtight wet disc brakes even in wet slipery conditions

*  Superb turning stability even during high speed turns due to the high mounted rear axle and low mounted battery

*  Advanced controller which regulates all required functions and safety mechanisms

*  Fully hydrostatic power steering

*  Proportional hydraulic control valve providing smooth control and minimising shocks during fork movement


Safety & Comfort

*  Side battery access, for safer, smoother battery exchange

*  Traveling/Lifting operator presence sensing system allows hydraulic or traveling operations only when opertor is seated

*  Ergonomic combination lever

*  Adjustible individual settings for lifting, traveling and tilting

*  Excellent visibility

*  HSS II Seat (hip supporting and seat belt system)

*  High rear mounted combination lamp


Superior Reliability

*  Lighter, compact, simple controller system - the best design to eliminate possible troubles

*  IP X4 Waterproof standard