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High Level Order Pickers - R30XM Series

By Adaptalift Group

The R30XM High Level Order Picker Series is designed for indoor use and ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as home improvement warehouses and general warehousing.

Hyster OrderPickers provide productivity enhancing advantages, durability, serviceability and power.


  • Widely space VISTA mast channels provide a line of vision that is second to none.
  • Our optional adjustable console allows vertical adjustment to suit each operator providing better ergonomics for less operator fatigue.
  • With ULTIMAII multi-function control and return to center power steering help to make your operators as productive as possible.
  • To increase your speed, efficiency and productivity, the R30XM2 and R30XMA2 OrderPickers are equipped with the HySense® control system. It replaces the 'step-downs' at pre-set intervals of old, with new smooth, gradual linear speed reduction that is barely noticeable to your operators. This enables a more refined braking action while traveling at extended heights, bolstering confidence and productivity. And productivity is the bottom-line for any business.
  • The CANbus electrical system simplifies wiring, enhances reliability and affords you single point diagnostic capabilities through the console display gauge. Best of all, you don’t need a laptop or handset.
  • Through the use of SEM and a MOSFET transistor traction controller, we’ve eliminated the forward / reverse contactors, increasing reliability and reducing service needs. The controller’s adjustable plugging feature helps to minimize drive tire flat spots, to further reduce your maintenance costs.
  • The Auto Deceleration System of these OrderPickers, converts the kinetic regen-power back into electrical energy and sinks it back to the battery, improving battery efficiency and lengthening motor brush life.

High Level Order Pickers - R30XM Series