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Electric Forklifts: 3-5 Tonnes - E70–120Z Series

By Adaptalift Group

Ideal for warehouse, retail and industrial applications, the E70-120Z electric forklift series is powered by a 36- or 48-volt AC system and is tough enough to take on even your heaviest loads.

These electric forklifts are designed to handle applications such as farm machinery and equipment, electric services, canned goods, general warehousing and distribution. By employing AC technology, we have built in the ability to customize forklift performance to individual needs. Whether your application requires increased speed or longer battery life – the Hyster E70-120Z delivers the power you need.


  • Our AC controller and brushless induction traction motor change travel directions more quickly and smoothly than ever before. This increased response directly correlates to an increase in the number of loads moved per shift, maximizing productivity.
  • The E70-120Z offers optimal adaptability with the option of tailoring your forklift's performance and features from customized speed settings to directional control method.
  • Periodic maintenance is significantly reduced on the E70-120Z series due to brushless AC traction and steer motors, controls or the brushless hoist motor option.
  • Superior ergonomic features such as the 3-point entry/exit system and the 7-position tilt steer column provide increased operator comfort and minimize fatigue.
  • Steer axle is made with rugged cast ductile iron and includes a transverse, double-acting hydraulic cylinder and tapered roller spindle support bearings, providing maximum durability withsuperior steering control and load handling.
  • Both the standard 36-volt system and the optional 48-volt system are easily adaptable to rapid charge. Optional battery rollers and compartment sizes are available. Best of all, the E70-120Z series battery position affords an excellent vantage point while making truck entry and exit easy.

Electric Forklifts: 3-5 Tonnes - E70–120Z Series