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Tue Jan 22 2019

Big Forklifts: 20-32 Tonnes - H20.00–32.00F–16CH Series

By Adaptalift Group

Designed to be tailor-made to your application and with 7 models to choose from, the H20.00-32.00F Big forklifts series offers an excellent return on investment with an outstanding blend of uptime, fast handling and low running costs and delivers the right materials handling solution for your needs.

The series is available with a modern clean-running Diesel engine, standard oil-immersed brakes, robust drive-axle and advanced auto-shift transmission, which all combine to maintain maximum productivity and reliability during operation in demanding applications.


  • Even engine torque delivery provides smooth engine performance, excellent acceleration and pulling power.
  • Engine and transmission protection systems as well as oil-immersed brakes are standard to ensure reliable operation.
  • Solid, durable construction ensures suitability for heavy applications, such as aluminium and steel handling or container handling.
  • Different cab positions available (centre or left) to meet the requirements of the handling operation.
  • A range of different mast types and carriages, forks and front-end attachments, including spreaders is available to best meet application requirements.

Big Forklifts: 20-32 Tonnes - H20.00–32.00F–16CH Series