Forklift Spreader

By Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd

Forklift Spreaders enable your Fork Truck to carry wide loads that are awkward or flexing without damaging the product. Typically used in handling products such as plaster board, steel roof sheeting, timber moulding and steel sections.

Bremco's Forklift Spreader is available as a flat top section (BMP054) or with a rear headboard welded into the frame (BMP055).

The Bremco Forklift Spreader is a fully certified lifting device and comes standard with a compliance plate attached.


  • SWL = 2500Kgs
  • HCoG = 600mm
  • Painted enamel finish
  • Complies with AS2359
  • Tyne pockets = 160mm x 65mm
  • Supplied with compliance plate & serial number