Forklift Parts & Service - Battery Management

By Adaptalift Group

In today’s demanding materials handling environment, efficiency, reliability and performance are key drivers in ensuring your tasks are completed on-time and on-budget. Battery Electric equipment rely on their traction battery to be operating at its best in order to achieve this goal, and with ForkTrack™ Battery Management Systems, you’ll stay informed and in control.

Failures and reduced performance of traction batteries are generally caused by improper charging and maintenance. The ForkTrack™ Battery Management System provides both operators and management with up-to-the-minute information on battery condition, charging requirements, performance indicators, critical events and more. Proper management of the battery system can ensure that they are as effective in the 5th year as they are in the 1st, providing an efficient, effective fleet.

Power Grid
Understand and manage power consumption in real time using the leading edge Intelli-Charger. Take charge of your business.

ForkTrack offers an advanced array of intelligent battery chargers each customised to your application, and equipped to communicate seamlessly both with the Battery and the ForkTrack system, creating a true network.

ForkTrack Battery
Higher capacity, greater active materials and reinforced structural integrity means better performance for longer.

Full Component Recycling
Used batteries are returned to AALH for Battery acid recycling, copper re- cycling and lead extraction. ForkTrack strives for a carbon neutral footprint.

ForkTrack Battery Data Monitoring

These advanced chargers communicate with the battery, identifying the correct charging regime to use, monitoring the battery temperature and electrolyte levels and ensuring the absolute optimum charging mode. The Intelli-charger also communicates to the ForkTrack device to indicate battery performance, energy consumed form the mains input, overall system power factor and efficiency levels.

ForkTrack Battery
Higher capacity, greater active materials and reinforced structural integrity means better performance for longer.

Battery Communicator (BDR)
An on-battery ‘smart’ device capable of monitoring in real time battery performance, transferring data between the ForkTrack and Intelli-charger devices. The Battery Communicator gives each battery an identity, easily allowing it to be measured for performance, utilisation and efficiency.

The most advanced safety system on the market today, ForkTrack is also able to monitor in real time battery performance, providing operators with charging information, critical warnings and reminders through the LCD interface.

Online Reporting
Allows true fleet and asset management to ensure optimum utilisation, performance and maintenance of your battery electric fleet. Items such as over discharge events, over temperature events, real-time state-of-charge data and more is all available on the ForkTrack Online system, with critical warnings sent direct to stakeholders for immediate investigation.

Forklift Parts & Service - Battery Management