Forklift Mounted Sweeper

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Forklift Mounted Sweeper

Operating costs are a fraction of conventional sweepers

The Cherry Sweeper sweeps large areas completing normally labour intensive cleaning tasks faster (7500sq.metres/ hour) and easier than ever. It is pushed along by the forklift, quickly and effectively handling sharp turns. It requires no power as the brushes and dust collecting fan are driven by the traction wheels. Just drive the forklift into the attachment pocket and you are on your way. An inbuilt dust collecting fan and easy clean, heavy duty dust filter minimises dust dispersal. Disposal is a breeze. The forklift lifts the unit over the supplied, collapsible box pallet with its garbage bag or any other waste receptacle, the release lever is pulled and the bottom dust box opens. The lid closes automatically when the unit is lowered. Compared to conventional self driven sweepers, this is amazingly economical. What's more, operating costs are a fraction of conventional sweepers.