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Forklift Attachments


Safety Cage
A safety cage is designed to enable overhead maintenance to be done with the use of a forklift which limits the expense of organising a mobile scissor lift. The cages are locally built to Australian standards with one end of the fork sockets capped of so that the cage can only be picked up from the one end. It comes with a self closing inward opening gate with safety latch and a bar for the attaching of a certified safety harness.

Drum Handling
There are various types of drum handling attachments to suit forklifts. Attachments available are parrot beak both single and double, designed to automatically lock onto the lip of the drum for pick up and release once on the ground. Also we have drum clamp and rotate in spring release, manual rotation and hydraulic rotation through an extra hydraulic function on your forklift. View the photo gallery for the range avialable.

Container Ramp
This is an adjustable height and portable container ramp for use when a loading dock is unavailable or the container can not be placed on the ground. it has a chequerplate surface so that the forklift will maintain grip even in wet weather.

Adjustable Jib

Adjustable jib designed to easily slip onto a standard set of forklift tynes complete with safety chain and safety hook. They are available in all shapes and sizes and can be built to suit all applications. Alsl available are tarpoline Spreader Bars designed to quickly and easily spread the heavy tarpolines over a uneven load.

Dump Bins

A full range of dump bins for all applications from tipping to bottom opening designed to suit all requirements.

Safety Equipment

A range of safety barriers and cones for the seperation of forklifts from pedestrians.
Items available are:
The Rubbermaid Mobile Barriers are easy to use, easy to see, easy to move and easy to store. They are flexible and can be set straight, curved or in a circle. With 16 articulating panels they are 4m long and have two 10cm non-marking wheels and four locking straps to secure barrier in closed position.
The Rubbermaid Safety Cones are highly visible, bright yellow hazard protection systems. The versatile top design accommodate barricade belts and audio guards. The molded in slots allow for easy handling.

The Rubbermaid Audio Guard warning mechanism is a motion triggered audio warning and flashing light. It warns pedestrians with your own recorded 12 second message or plays one of six pre-programmed messages and the volume is adjustable. It locks securely on top of Rubbermaid safety cones..