Forklift Scales Installed By Accuweigh

By AccuWeigh

Accuweigh recently fitted forklift scales to allow a forklift to comply with Australia Post requirements of load positioning on freight trucks. The forklift scales were fitted by Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch for Median Technologies in Brisbane.

The capacity of the forklift scales was configured for 2,000kg x 1kg divisions and the installation was completed in under four hours and comprised fitting quality weighing electronics in the form of:
Rinstrum R323 stainless steel digital weight indicator
Kelba pressure transducer

Accuweigh’s Michael Clarke selected these quality, industry standard components to be used in the forklift scales to avoid locking the client into a single supplier for future servicing needs as both these products can be serviced and calibrated by any scale company.

Rinstrum’s R323 digital weight indicator is ideal for forklift scales applications as it has adjustable digital filtering to ensure a very quick and stable weight reading can be attained. The indicator also has a stainless steel waterproof housing rated to IP65 for use in wet conditions and the weight display uses a large, high contrast LCD display with integral backlighting for high visibility under all lighting conditions.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states.