Multi-Fill ~ Bulk Batch Feed Systems for Food Fillers

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Multi-Fill Inc. of Utah USA who specialise in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic volumetric fillers for the Home Meal Replacement, Convenience Foods and Food Service industries, have released a New Batch Feed System that is designed to dispense a bulk amount of product, into their filling machinery.

The Batch Feeder is flexible and dispenses products such as cooked rices & pastas, couscous, fruits, vegetables and salads and many other products at rates of up to 1,750kg per hour, depending on the nature of the product with the unique discharge system preventing bridging or sticking of the product.

The Batch Feeder 300L hopper can be fed by a vertical post dumper, conveyor or chute from a platform, mezzanine or second floor. The system deposits the correct amount of product into the Multi-Fill conveyor feed hopper synchronizing with the filler / line speed.

The benefits of adding a Batch Feed System include:-

  • A reduction in the problems such as tunneling and damage to the product that is common with other bulk product transport devices such as augers, conveyors & bulk transport devices.
  • First in, First Out product flow with an automatic flow requiring no adjustment.
  • Easy to clean design with tool-less lift out parts, swing away safety covers and captured guards.
  • Can be mounted directly on the frame of the Multi Fill filling machine or can be supplied as a ‘standalone’ roll-in, roll-out unit.
  • Can be retrofitted to older style Multi-Fill models or with any other conveying systems.