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Sat Apr 20 2019

Wide Conveyor Convection Oven

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Our MPO-D2TM convection ovens deliver high production capacity and high finished yeilds for multi-product flexibility, repeatable quality & process versatility with less cleaning downtime.

Available with product conveyors up to 2 metres wide, Heat and Control's MPO-D2TM convection oven delivers high production capacity and high finished yeilds for a variety of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable products.

The MPO's patented controlled-moisture process cooks rapidly while sealing in foods' natural moisture and flavour.  Processors have achieved significant yeild gains using the oven for formed meat products, pizza topping, sausage, poultry and seafood.

Available with direct and indirect gas-fired, electric, or thermal fluid heating, the MPO operates with infinitely variable cooking time, temperatures up to 288 degrees Celcius and moisture-by-volume levels up to 90%.  The internally water-cooled pan, combined with automatic clean-in-place and belt washing systems, minimise burn-on of drippings and dramatically reduce cleaning times.

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