Premier Rare Earth Plate Magnets

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Product Type: Rare Earth Plate Magnets for Food, Chemical, Plastics & Mineral industries. Also known as chute magnets.

Product name: THE PREMIER

Product Code: STPPM Models 2,3,4 and 5. See Dimension chart below

Applications: Removing unwanted 'Tramp Iron' from food, chemicals or plastics

Unwanted iron from welding and maintenance and many other sources, finds its way into most food and chemical products, liquid or solid. From corn flakes to chocolate; from printing ink to popcorn, most products are affected.

Now, you can remove large and small particles of iron with a stepped-face Rare Earth Plate Magnet which uniquely features one of the magnet's poles within the step.

Plate magnets are usually installed in chutes handling dry products such as grain, plastics, foodstuffs and chemicals. Difficult to retain items (such as bent, thin steel wire with minimum points of attachment), lodge beneath the tapered step where they cannot be "washed" off the magnet face by product flow. THE PREMIER is available in four economical standard sizes and comes with an easy to follow installation guide.

Special PREMIER Permanent Magnets for Conveyors  feature combined ferrite and rare earth element and is designed for suspension over conveyors of any width to protect valuable grinders, mills, screens, crushers and pumps from damaging Tramp Iron. Suitable for up to 200 mm suspension height.