MPO Multi-Purpose Oven Cooking System

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Revolutionary high-yield cooking process delivers unmatched product quality and versatility

The MPO’s unique cooking process preserves more of the original moisture content and flavor of foods.

Precisely control the interaction between cooking temperature and moisture to achieve rapid heat transfer without dehydration. And you can develop the ideal surface texture while maintaining valuable yield.

Multi-product flexibility

Use one oven to cook poultry, beef, pork, seafood, vegetable and filled products. Cooking parameters for a variety of products can be quickly recalled with an optional menu-driven PLC control system.

Repeatable quality

Establish settings for temperature, moisture, and cooking time and the MPO will repeat the same finished product qualities every time.

Process versatility

Use the MPO with our coating applicators, fryers, Rotary Brander, Direct Flame Searer and AirForce® impingement oven for custom-finished products.

Less cleaning downtime

Without sticking or burning, product renderings simply drain off the MPO’s water-cooled pan and conveyor supports. The conveyor belt is continuously cleaned during operation. After cooking, clean-in-place sprays thoroughly sanitize all product contact areas, with no disassembly required.

Built to USDA standards