Mastermatic Compact Fryer

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - The continuous multi-product frying alternative to batch frying

Model 350: Space-saving countertop fryer provides 3.5 square feet of frying area from a 12” wide conveyor belt. Electrically heated.

Model 450: Larger capacity countertop fryer with 4.5 square feet of frying area and a 12” wide belt. Electrically heated.

Model 700: With nearly 7 square feet of frying area and a 20” wide belt, this fryer meets the demands of the busiest food service operation. Natural gas heated.

Countertop or free-standing

Mastermatic fryers provide a large frying area and require very little floor space.

From countertop size to larger free standing models, all fryers are self- contained, including operating controls. Each fryer is delivered pre-wired and ready for operation.

Precise frying control

Accurately control temperature and conveyor speed to uniformly fry a wide variety of snacks and prepared foods including: Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Hash Browns, Tortilla Chips, Meatballs & Patties, Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken Parts, Onion Rings, Pellet Snacks, Fish Sticks, Nut Meats, and Noodles.

Superior quality products

Low oil volume provides fast oil turnover for fresh product with a long shelf life. Direct-heating without hot spots promotes oil and product quality.


Easy-to-remove hoods, lift-out conveyors, and suspended heating elements simplify cleaning. Fryers are built to USDA standards.

Ideal for food service