KleenHeat Heat Exchanger

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Remove oil, odours, and particulates from fryer exhaust with this high-efficiency heat exchanger!

Heat and Control's patented KleenHeat heat exchanger connects to your fryer exhaust stack and incinerates virtually all odours, oil and other particulates that would normally pollute the air and area around your plant.  Without using additional fuel, KleenHeat's thermal efficiency rating exceeds that of most heat exchangers which do not offer pollution control.

Fryer exhaust is drawn into KleenHeat's combustion chamber where they are mixed with the hot products of combustion from the heat exchanger burner.  After odours and pollutants are incinerated, combustion heat is routed through KleenHeat's frying oil heat exhanger where heat is tranferred to the cooking oil instead of being vented to the atmosphere as wasted heat. 

KleenHeat's all-welded stainless steel serpentine tube bundles are maintenance-free.  Their "graduated density" design delivers uniform heat transfer without hot spots - providing low oil film temperatures.

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