Ishida ITPS Snack System

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Innovative features offer cutting edge solutions for high-speed snack packaging

Nothing outperforms the world's best multihead weigher, Milleniumâ„¢ integrated with the world's most versatile vertical bagmaker, Atlas.

One compact system, with on easy to operate control panel, provides snack manufacturers with maximum production flexibility.

Able to produce 4'' to 13'' wide bags up to 28'' long, the Atlas ITPS is ideal for running both small and large bag sizes on a single line.

Easy film loading and threading, automatic film centering and tensioning, and simple operator controls make product and bag size changeovers a snap!

Unique twin jaws with programmable adjustment of pressure, time and temperature insure consistently tight and uniform seals at any speed and for any bag size.

Higher Speeds

The Ishida Total Packaging System has seamless integration of weighing/bagmaking/error rejecting/seal checking & weight checking (optional) at high speeds (up to 180 bpm.).

Fully integrated operation

ITPS Coordinator integrated system controls, allowing preset selection, machine setting, production reporting, and other operator functions from a single control panel.

Small footprint saves floor space

The common framework for both scale and bagmaker not only saves floor space, but reduces the manufacturing and installation costs of a scale support platform.


New communication and user interface standard for ITPS equipment.

Ideal for snack products

Less film and product waste

Maximum production flexibility