Ishida CCW-DP Weighers

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Accurate & economical weigh-filling of powdered products, Ishida's DP210 gives you every advantage over volumetric scales

Accurately weighing powdered milk, detergent and other high-value, finely ground products is a difficult process. Dry powders easily stick or bridge making them difficult to transfer consistently.

Containing powders without leaks long enough to get an accurate weight, and then quickly and completely releasing them without sticking, is equally challenging.

The Ishida Solution:

Ishida has developed the low-priced solution for accurate weigh-filling of powdered milk, drink mixes, detergents, and many other powder products.

Currently used by a variety of processors, the Ishida Model CCW-DP-210 multihead weigher provides Ishida's industry-leading accuracy, dependability and easy cleaning features at an economical price.

Higher speed

Uses highly polished product contact surfaces and steelply angled infeed and discharge chutes to maintain a constant flow of powders. Double-opening discharge timing hopper ensures fast product transfer to bagmakers and other packaging machinery.

Better accuracy

For package weights of 125g, 250g, 400g and 500g, the Ishida DP-210 delivers consistent accuracy of +/- 1 gram at speeds up to 60 weighments per minute.

Easy to operate

Simpler setup, target weight and format changeovers.

Easier cleanup and maintenance

As with all Ishida weighers, all product contact parts can be removed without using tools for fast, easy cleaning.