Ishida Atlas Snack Food Bagmaker

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Ishida twin jaw bagmaker optimizes small & large bag snack packaging

Ishid'as Atlas® snack food bagmaker produces the highest quality small and large bags with unmatched seal integrity.

Depending on the model, the Atlas® achieves speeds to 200 or 250 bags per minute.

Atlas' unique bag stripping and product settling systems insure clean seals and keep film waste at a minimum

The Atlas® is engineered and built for use with the snack industry's most accurate multihead weigher - Ishida.

The two independent machines can be interfaced, or the system can be supplied from the factory as ITPS (Ishida Total Packaging System) with integrated controls and a common framework.

Either arrangement reduces the installation time and the costs of a scale access platform and simplifies the operation by utilizing a single panel to control functions.

Ishida quality

High speeds, reliable performance and compact machine size mark the ever-popular Atlas® snack food bagmaker.

Greater versatility

Atlas® bagmakers produces bag widths as small as 3" (Atlas-122) and as large as 13" (Atlas-202), and bag lengths from 3" to 28".

Faster film loading

Regardless of web width, the operator simply slides the film roll tight aganst a stop plate for fast film changes. This patented design requires no manual centering of film roll.

Small footprint saves floor space

The framework for the bagmaker not only saves floor space, but reduces the manufacturing and installation costs of a scale support platform.

Better sealing

A patented twin jaw sealing mechanism with unique "D" motion (Atlas-202), or rotary motion (Atlas-122), keeps jaw temperatures stable for consistently tight and uniform seals.

Programmable adjustments of jaw seal pressure, seal tie and temperature provide further control for superior performance at any speed an for any bag size.

Remote control unit

User-friendly Remote Control Unit with color touch screen controls bagmaker functions. Up to 200 preset programs can be stored in memory.

Also includes statistical data, error log, help, sealing temperature, film tension and other information screens