Flexcentric Vibratory Conveyor

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - Unique Flexcentric™ design delivers exceptional benefits

- Patented drive compensates for loads and prevents product from
  bogging down
- Instant stop/start with no bucking or instability
- Ultra-high travel rate improves laning and grading
- No gearbox eliminates lubrication maintenance
- Timing belt drive accurately maintains speed
- Clean sanitary design is ideal for washdown applications
Flexcentric vibratory conveyors are ideal for aligning, singulating and feeding, cutter feeds, dewatering and de-oiling, spreader feeds, dryers, blanchers, ovens and fryers, grading, scalping and sizing, and inspection and pickout applications. 

The versatile and durable Flexcentric™ conveyor delivers unbeatable performance in applications where vibratory motion is the best choice for product transfer.

Flexcentric™ has fewer moving parts than other mechanical drives, long stroke conveyors, has no lubrication requirements, and features a timing belt transmission that maintains consistent speed and reduces flexure wear and failure. The conveyor's quick start/stop capability without bucking allows closer interface to other equipment, resulting in reduced product drop heights, pan overlaps and product spillage.

Unlike other vibratory conveyors, Flexcentric's indirect drive spreads loads out across the pan to eliminate pan cracking problems, and provides better action for screening product by introducing a higher lift to the product as it's conveyed.