Breaded Products Fryer

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - The Breaded Products Fryer system delivers efficent, economical frying of most prepared foods including: nuggets, bone-in chicken, patties, tempural shrimp, breast fillets, meatballs, egg rolls and coated vegetables.

You can't buy a simpler system. Precise temperature control and low oil volume deliver consistent product quality.

Production capacity and product heat load exactly match your requirements.

The fryer and heat exchanger are sized individually so you never need to buy a larger fryer than necessary to heat load requirements.

Simplicity in frying. Our efficient Breaded Products Fryers use a minimum of floor space and oil volume

25-40% lower system oil volume

The entire fryer system requires lower oil volume than comparable direct heated systems.

With no heat transfer fins immersed in the pan, the fryer uses only enough oil to cover your product. Less oil promotes faster turnover and optimal product shelf life.

Minimal temperature variation

Responsive indirect heating keeps the frying temperature within 1-2°F of the set point for most applications.

Match heat load to product throughput

Product quality is consistent because load changes do not produce oil temperature lag or overshoot problems.

Continuous full-flow oil filtration

100% of the fryer system oil circulates through a filter an average of once a minute. This full-flow oil circulation makes fines easier to remove, greatly minimizing oil degradation.

Gentle-Flow® oil inlets preserve coatings

Eliminate localized high velocity oil flow. Oil velocity matches product velocity to maintain product orientation and coating integrity.