Flexible Packaging Solutions for Ready Meals - Bradman Lake

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

The Bradman Lake Group (BLG) of Suffolk, UK , a major supplier of packaging technology to the food, consumer and healthcare industry sectors worldwide, have recently installed  a fully automatic, robotic, case packing solution for a UK based prepared meals manufacturer.

The customer had previously been manually packing product as they were concerned that the changeover times to meet their needs of various packaging formats would negate any benefits. After appraising several competitors machines, the Bradman Lake solution was chosen as demonstrations of the MX1200 showed its flexibility,  that size changes were simple and quick via the HMI with tool-less adjustments.

The MX1200 Top Load Robotic Case Packer has a compact monobloc footprint and was ideal for the customers limited space within their packing hall. The innovative, modular machine incorporates a servo driven case erect and management system, product collating systems, ABB IRB260 robot, hot melt glue top and bottom flap closure that are all controlled with an Allen Bradley/Rockwell electronic component control platform.

The machine will operate at high speed (25 cases per min) creating a significant number of different collation formats within a wide range of case sizes.

Bradman Lake is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.