Patented Sealer for Food Pouches - Effytec

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Effytec of Barcelona Spain, have transformed the sealing of Food Pouches with their patented QUATRO sealing system for stand up pouches on their range of horizontal pouch machines.

 In traditional sealing methods, the pouch is sealed via three different sealing stations including the gusset that is sealed once, the upper side seals that are sealed twice and lower side seals that are sealed 3 times.

Effytec's innovative R&D department developed a patented solution that inserts either an inverted 'T' sealer or a 'U' sealer depending on the pouch shape that hits all seals four times which ensures a higher quality seal. This quality seal avoids product leakages allowing for following processes of retort or pasteurisation, which makes it an ideal solution for pre-made food pouches.

The patented electro heater uses sealing plates instead of bars. An electrode heater is sandwiched between the sealing plates and its platen style design ensures optimum heat dispersion. The machines can achieve higher speeds due to the parallel sealing operation and changeover only requires replacement of the plates not the heater thereby minimizing downtime.

The benefits of the new technology includes:-

·         Higher quality seals - that have zero leakages

·         Higher machine speeds

·         Reduced downtime and maintenance


Effytec is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.