FastBack 260E Conveyor

By Heat and Control

Heat and Control - FastBack 260E conveys heavier loads at faster transfer rates than any comparable conveyors, yet is friendlier to product and coating.

Heat and Control's new FastBack 260E conveyor delivers twice the product travel rate of comparable conveyors, bringing all the advantages of horizontal motion conveying to producers of high flow rate products for the the first time.

FastBack 260E is ideal for faster conveying of snacks and baked products, fresh-cut produce and lettuce, frozen french fries, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, and a variety of other products.  Providing less damaging and far cleaner conveying than vibratory conveyors, the gentle slow forward/fast back horizontal motion of the FastBack 260E drastically reduces product breakage and build-up in the conveyor pan, eliminating mid-shift downtime for cleaning.  The powerful 260E drive can handle heavy product loads and pans up to 35 feet long.  Operation with product falls in the low 70 dBA range providing a quieter workplace.  FastBack also prevents product segregation and "sifting" of product where smaller pieces settle to the bottom of the pan, making it ideal for pre-mixed blends.

Single side access to drive components allows for closer spacing of conveyors.  The FastBack drive can be used with different length pans, so when conveying requirements change, simply install a new pan without buying a completely new conveyor.

For more information and a FastBack demonstration using your products, please contact Heat and Control