Venco Pottery wheels Sales & Maintenance Services.


Potters Wheels - Sales & Service.

Your North Shore & Northern Beaches Authorised Venco sales and service agents.

Yes - seems strange that our company in the food industry would be repairing and selling Pottery machines from Venco, but it does make some sort of sense;

- We already have a fully equipped workshop.
- We have the special tool to properly fit those pesky grommets.

- We service quite complex food production machinery and easily have the skills required to service/repair pottery wheels and such.

- We have been called on occasion to do repairs on pottery wheels and such for private individuals as well as Tech Colleges as there’s no-one else closer than way up on the central coast of NSW.

- We are located in Brookvale and quite central to a number of Tech Colleges and Schools offering pottery classes. There are a great number of professional and amateur artists residing on the northern side of Sydney as well – all requiring service at some time or another.

- Venco welcomed us with open arms when we suggested we could become a factory service and sales agent for them.

We do not however make house calls for service & repairs. Its unfortunate but simply isn’t a viable business proposition to include house calls and pickup/delivery services to individuals as we would have to charge accordingly. This often makes a simple cheap repair a lot more costly for the customer. Therefore, all machines must be delivered to us and picked up from us at Brookvale – just along from the Brookvale Tech College behind Warringah Mall shopping complex in Old Pittwater Road.

For Tech Colleges and other institutions, there must be at least four machines or more requiring service for us to pickup/deliver. Perhaps individual machines could be grouped for a group pickup and delivery and thus dividing the transport cost?

What we can offer instead is a fast turnaround wherever possible and we are building up stock of Venco original parts to reduce any waiting time even less.