Airborne Virus & AntiBacteria Eliminator | BAXX | Air Cleaner

By Symetec

BAXX is an Australian-patented antibacterial technology now available for food manufacturers and an abundance of industries relying on clean rooms and ultimate infection control.

Hydroxyls are Natures own atmospheric disinfectant. Baxx brings hydroxyls into your controlled environment. BAXX can kill all respiratory diseases while they are airborne.

BAXX Australia works closely with SYMETEC — unique food processing machinery for the Australian and NZ food manufacturer — and as such presently shares offices and phone numbers with Symetec.

The implementation of BAXX into the food manufacturing industry is a priority arena for BAXX.


- Destroys bacteria, virus, mould and odours in your environment
- No maintenance
- No filters
- No chemicals, toxins or any consumables
- Low power use — the same as two light globes
- Attractive polished 316 stainless steel design and appearance
- Prices you or your company can easily afford