High Speed Portioning, Forming and Stacking.

By Symetec

The 180 High Speed Portioning, Forming and Stacker is a self standing high speed former with Hoppers from 75 to 200litres.

The Deighton 180 High Speed Portioning, Forming & Stacking Machine can form a wide range of products including meat, fish, potato, vegetable & ethnic, butter & cheese as well as bakery and confectionary, into a variety of shapes and sizes, the Formatic is the industry standard for small to high volume food producers.

This model is "top of the range" and can produce forms up to 135mm diameter at a rate of 8,000 drops per hour.

Benefits of the Deighton 180 Stacker:
* Controlled by a touch-screen panel, the 180 stacker can reliably stack up to 8000 burger patties per hour with paper interleaving, and stacks up to 90mm high.

* Of added benefit is a built-in chiller in the base of the machine to keep the product in the hopper cold for forming.

* Auto-wire cleaning is standard as is a 1 metre non-slip outfeed conveyor.

The 180 Stacker can also be used as a conventional single shot forming machine at the flick of a switch giving you the best of both worlds - auto stacking with paper interleaving or single row products with/without paper.