Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus


The Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus ensures optimal hygiene levels for every step in any food production process.


What is considered sufficient hygiene has changed dramatically over the years, as awareness around food safety has increased and more advanced research on contaminants is available.


As the food industry’s standards are evolving and developing, the new decanter comes with a range of features designed to improve hygiene levels while maintaining the excellent performance expected from Alfa Laval decanters.


What’s new?

The Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus comes with a new range of standard features that deliver optimal hygiene levels alongside more efficient cleaning processes.


One of the innovations includes the drainage holes which lead to less residue left in the decanter centrifuge (1). For manufacturers, this means improved cleanliness while reducing the potential for unscheduled downtime.


The product wetted surfaces are designed in a way that reduces biofilm build-up and improves overall hygiene with a smooth surface (2).


Critical dead-end areas of the feed tube, particularly the area around the decanter feed zone and tapered cone section, are easier to access with the decanter’s CIP feed tube (3).


Another key feature is the integrated cleaning-in-place (CIP) bar which makes it easier to clean every part of the inside of the frame and the outside of the bowl (4).


“Maintaining hygiene in food processing equipment is essential when it comes to ensuring a perfect final product with exactly the right taste and texture. The food industry is also looking for overall improvements to productivity while minimising unscheduled downtime with more efficient cleaning processes,” said Alfa Laval.


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