Beer Can & Bottle Filler for Boutique Breweries | CoMac

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

CoMac of Italy – an established supplier of kegging, bottling and canning equipment – have developed low speed can and glass bottle fillers, designed specifically for the expanding craft / boutique beer market.

Low outputs but a high level of technology, result in excellent productivity and efficiency.

The can filling-seaming machine can fill 330ml aluminium cans at a speed of 3,500 cph. and was designed as a result of the rapid expansion of the craft beer industry in the USA. The first line was created for the Real Ale Brewing Company of Texas.

The bottle filler, developed for the same reason, can fill 330ml glass bottles at 1,800bph.

Subsequent US installations include:-

  • Bold Rock Cidery - Virginia USA
  • Lakewood Brewing Co - Texas USA
  • Yazoo Brewing Co - Tennessee USA
  • Ghost River - Tennessee USA
    Mother Earth - North Carolina USA

CoMac also manufacture higher speed bottling and canning lines for the craft/boutique beer market as well as a complete range of kegging equipment including:-

  • For microbreweries - a semi automatic single head or twin head washing/filling unit with integrated CIP tanks
  • For medium outputs - inline five or six head machines
  • Fully automatic 1200kph combination depal -wash-fill-repal keg lines
  • Flash pasteurisers with inverter controls, keg tilting machines, weighing units, keg leakage control units, ink jet coding, keg labelling etc.

CoMac is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.