Aseptic Form Fill Seal Machinery | Sacmi Benco Pack

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Benco Pack Spa of Italy, have more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of Form Fill Seal systems for mini-portions, single and thermoformed cups, in hygienic, Ultra Clean and Aseptic versions, with more than 350 machines installed worldwide.

Kowloon Dairy in China has a Miniasepack/20-b Form-Fill-Seal machine installed that is being used to produce 10ml and 15ml mini-portion packs of coffee creamers and Agral, a major Belgium Butter manufacturer is using their machine to produce 8-10gram rectangle cup mini-portion butter products at speeds of up to 72,000 cups per hour.

The horizontal Aseptic machines use a three step packaging and filling process. Containers are thermoformed starting from a roll of multi-layer barrier plastic film (PS/EVO/PE or similar), filled with product, closed by a thermo sealed peel-able lid and then cut to the desired configuration. Special cutting tools minimise the scrap produced, which provides a significant cost saving.

The Aseptic Form-Fill-Seal machines are pre-sterilised using a combination of steam, sterile air filters and H²O² mist and are maintained in a sterile condition via the use of UV lamps and a Central Air Sterile Unit (CAS) which extends the shelf life of the products.

BencoPack is represented in Australia by HBM Packaging Technologies