Comac Filler for one-way plastic beer kegs

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

CoMac of Italy, an established global supplier of kegging, bottling & canning equipment, have developed a compact single head, semi-automatic, one-way keg filling system - the 1T-OW for the fast growing non-returnable kraft beer keg market


The fully encased 1T-OW is suitable for filling one-way PET plastic kegs, with a nominal output of up to 40 kegs/hour with a keg capacity of 24L. Kegs are filled from the top in order to avoid the rollover operation and a side opening can be installed to support a conveyor belt.


As the kegs are one-way, they do not require washing prior to filling so the machine is equipped with a single tank that is used to wash the fitting of the keg and to perform a wash cycle of the machine itself.



CoMac also manufacture a full range of kegging equipment.

  • For microbreweries: Semi-automatic single or twin head internal cleaning/filling machines with integrated cleaning solutions and CIP tanks
  • For medium outputs: Linear four, five or six head machines
  • Fully automatic turnkey lines up to 1200 kph
  • Line components including: External keg washers, pressure testers, automatic spear tightening, keg turners, check-weighers, leakage detectors, cappers, ink jet coders, keg labellers,  traditional or robotic depalletising and palletising systems
  • Flash pasteuriser integrated with the keg filing lines