OEI Filtration

By CBC Bearings

CBC recently became the Oceania master distributor for Canadian company One Eye Industries (OEI); manufacturer of environmental friendly filtration systems with proprietary magnetic technology and reusable long life filters.

By removing ferrous and non ferrous particles from gas and fluids equipment will experience:

Longer periods of in-service operation by reducing the oxidation rate of oils.
Longer equipment life by extracting wear components.
Environmental benefits through reduced oil consumption, reusable filters and reduced component replacement due to wear.
Why Filter Ferrous Contaminants?

Removal of ferrous contaminants (iron, steel, etc) will  dramatically reduce the damaging wear cycle, extending the life of the fluids and equipment.

Studies show ferrous particles smaller than 10 microns will generate 3 to 5 times more wear than larger particles as these contaminates are carried into high pressure contact areas causing damage to softer metals, seals, bearings and gaskets.

The use of extremely strong magnetic fields, are required to trap these particles, especially in “high flow” and or high viscosity fluids. OEI’s patented magnetic technology traps these sub-micron ferrous and some nonferrous contaminants, reducing wear and increasing equipment life.


  • Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and associated industries


  • lube oil
  • hydraulic fluid
  • fuel
  • coolant
  • gear oil
  • glycol
  • process/effluent water
  • Amine

Product Lines

Magnetic Filter Pads: designed to work with and compliment existing disposable filters for lube oil, fuel, hydraulics, and coolants applications.


Magnetic Filter Rods & Scrubbers: designed

for installation prior to traditional filters in reservoirs and applications without filtration.


ADD Vantage 9000 Series: designed to replace disposable filters, combining Cleanable

Stainless Steel elements and patented magnetic filter technology in one filter. No more filter elements to dispose of.