Liquid Flow Meter Technology

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

Veederline flow meters provide the high standards of accuracy required for the measurement of liquids used in the petrochemical, agriculture and food processing industries. According to the company, using the right technology can not only avoid expensive flow measurement inaccuracies, but also ensure greater safety and longer service life.

It is able to supply meters in a range of different materials to handle virtually all known liquids, ranging from aviation fuels to acids and food related liquids. At NMW Veederline will show two new Tokheim meter designs able to accommodate all liquid categories:

  • The TCS 682 Series piston positive displacement reciprocating flow meter is designed to accurately measure liquids within the petroleum, chemical, food processing, agricultural, and other industries requiring precise liquid flow measurement. According to Veederline, it is virtually unaffected by changing viscosities and meets key international Standards requirements.
  • The TCS 700 Series rotary positive displacement flow meter features a simple and efficient meter design consisting of housing and three rotors rotating in unison within the measuring chamber. The absence of wear, from no metal-to-metal contact inside the chamber, eliminates any deterioration in accuracy and provides a long service life. It is designed to measure liquids within a wide range of industries, requiring very precise liquid measurement solutions, and meets stringent international measurement requirements.