Regulators: ARP Series

By SMC Corporation (Australia)

Precise pressure control and pressure adjustment can be critical factors when working with either pressure fed fluids, air pilot regulator supply or during test and inspection applications. R&D engineers from SMC, the world leaders in pneumatic technology, have long recognised this fact and have now developed a new, improved, range of direct operated precision regulators, Series ARP 20/30/40. Developed using SMC´s extensive knowledge of direct operated regulators, Series ARP now offers several advantages over previous SMC models including a decrease in air consumption by up to 80% compared to previous models – less than 1 ℓ/min (ANR) at 0,4 MPa - more precise pressure adjustment – repeatability is within ±1% and sensitivity is now within 0,2% of Full Scale. Further benefits of this new modular regulator range include digital pressure gauges fitted as standard and reverse flow functionality.