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Sun Jan 20 2019

Pressure Switches: ISE70/75/75H

By SMC Pneumatics

When R&D engineers from leading automation control experts SMC Pneumatics were asked to develop a compact, high pressure switch, incorporating a large digital display, to monitor both coolant and hydraulic fluids – the new Series ISE 70/75 was their perfect response. Effectively extending the existing SMC pressure switch range, these high performance, yet lightweight, pressure controls are available in three options: ISE 70 for use with air or inert and incombustible gases - monitoring a set rated pressure range between –0.1 to 1MPa, and the ISE 75 and 75H models for use with fluids requiring a set rated pressure of up to 10MPa and 15MPa respectively. With die-cast aluminium bodies and 4 setting control options, the operating status can be quickly seen, by viewing the highly visible 10mm high character dual colour displays. Available with 2 or 1 outputs, Rc, NPT or G1/4 port thread options and with fixed or selectable MPa or PSI pressure indications, these switches conform to both CE and UL/CSA global accreditations and IP67 enclosure ratings, making them the ultimate solution in high pressure control.