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Mechanical Level Control for solids from Veederline

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

AECO - Model: SE-A SE-A is used for the level control in containers holding product in powder or granule form. The body is of cast aluminium with a cable gland at the output and a stainless steel shaft mounted on sealed roller bearings, the paddle is aluminium. The functioning is based on the slow rotation of a 3 watt syncronous motor which turns the paddle which is placed in the container.

In the absence of material the paddle turns, material coming into contact with the paddle causes a breaking effect which slows down the motor and in turn causes the unit to switch. A second switch, switches off the power of the motor. The paddle starts to rotate again when the material in the container falls freeing the paddle.

Application / function: Mounting: The unit is placed on the external wall of the container fixing it by means of the 6 hole flange. The material must be able to move freely around the paddle and this must not be installed in the jet of material. In order to avoid this it may be necessary to install deflectors above the unit when the mass of the material is high.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 24-48-110-220Vac ± 10%
  • Power requirement: 3VA
  • Electrical contact: 6A a 250V
  • Temperature limits: -10 ÷ +60 °C
  • Degree of protection: IP 55
  • Shaft length: 150-300-500-700-1000 mm. SE-A Mechanical Level Control for solids is available from Veederline.