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Mon May 20 2019

Flow Switches: PFM

By SMC Pneumatics

During the past few years it’s generally been accepted that analogue float type flow meters cannot always provide an accurate indication of performance when used in low flow rate applications. But now, thanks to R&D engineers from SMC, the world’s leading automation experts and their new Series PFM Digital Flow Switch using MEMS technology, this simply isn’t the case. Developed initially to detect microchip component adsorption in vacuum and early clogging in both filter and nozzle applications, the new Series PFM Flow Switch is incredibly compact and lightweight compared to existing flow sensors thanks to its micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) sensor. With its unique integrated flow adjustment valve, which can be added or disconnected by simply removing its retaining clip, linear flow rate can be adjusted manually by rotating the flow rate adjustment knob. Further features of the PFM are the dual colour digital display which indicates any performance irregularities at a glance and due to its MEMS sensor both straight or elbow piping options are possible making this the perfect flow switch when space limitations are an issue. Currently the PFM range is available in four maximum flow rate options 10, 25, 50 and 100 l/min and is suitable for use with air, nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide