Low Profile Platform Scales For Biscuit Manufacturer

By AccuWeigh

A new client recently contacted Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch for advice on the best solution for weighing heavily laden dough trolleys that are manually manoeuvred by bakery staff. A pit mounted platform scale would have been the best solution as the weighing surface would have been flush with the surrounding floor but this option was not possible where the platform scale had to be positioned.

Accuweigh’s Michael Clarke visited Continental Biscuit Manufacturers’ premises to see the client’s application before deciding that a low profile platform scale fitted with a short access ramp would be the most cost effective option.

The platform scale chosen is a “drop centre” design to keep the weighing surface of the platform scale as low as possible to ensure minimum hardship for staff when moving the heavy dough trolleys.

The entire platform scale and ramp are fabricated in stainless steel to suit food industry requirements as is the supplied Rinstrum R320 digital weight indicator that is to be wall mounted behind the platform scale. A stop plate was fitted across the back of the platform scale as part of the weighing surface to assist staff with correct location of the dough trolleys.