Network Integration

By Tronics Pty Ltd

Network Integration

Using Claricom software, we can design and install a fully integrated and synchronised production line system to automate your coding equipment set-up.

This will maximise efficiencies, improve output and strengthen your bottom line.


Claricom supplies Package Coding Management software that removes the human error and maximizes efficiency in date and traceability coding operations.

The software comprises modules that automate each aspect of coding management:

  • Origination of coding information
  • Design of the look and feel of the codes on the packaging
  • Planning coding information on a production batch basis
  • Automatic equipment set-up of coding information
  • Integrated packaging inspection and barcode validation
  • Feedback of essential production information, enterprise-wide

The software removes manual operations, removes human error, eliminates risk and ensures accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. 

A Claricom Package Coding Management system typically pays for itself within 12 months.