Hot & Cold Packs by Livingstone International



A range of Hot & Cold Packs is available from Livingstone International.

The range includes instant hot packs, instant cold packs, reusable hot & cold packs, reusable hot pads, reusable hot eye masks as well as hot & cold pack wraps.


Instant Hot & Cold Packs generate instant heat or cold by the action of chemicals within the packs. Instant cold packs are available in 11x18cm packs. Instant hot packs are available in 14x21.5cm packs. Both hot & cold packs need to be squeezed for instant hot or cold sensation.


Reusable hot & cold packs are freezable & microwaveable. They are made of blue, gel type material. Reusable hot & cold packs are available in a range of sizes, from small, large to segmented packs.


Reusable hot packs feature hot eye mask for a perfect, at home spa experience. There is also a range of small to extra large hot pads available from Livingstone International.


Hot & cold pack wraps come with Velcro that helps hold hot/cold in place. Hot & cold wraps are available in small (7.5x60cm) & large size (7.5x90cm).


Livingstone hot & cold packs are sold in single packs as well as carton quantities.