First Aid Room Supplies available now from Livingstone International


“An employer must ensure that the first aid facilities at a place of work at which more than 200 persons work, or at a construction site at which more than 100 persons work include a first aid room” (OH&S Regulations 2001, Clause 20, Chapter 2).

Livingstone supplies a full range of First Aid Rooms Supplies with high quality products that cater for any type of business.


As advised by OH&S Regulations 2001 a First Aid room should contain the following:


A work bench or a dressing trolley

·          Dressing Trolley, 1 Drawer, 80x50x105cm (Livingstone code KEKH150D)

·          Examination Lamp (Livingstone code LUXOMAGLTW)

·          Disposable Pen Torch, 6/Pk (Livingstone code TORCHDIS)


A suitable container fitted with a disposable bag or liner for soiled dressings

·          Garbage Bin, 20L, SS, Pedal/Step (Livingstone code 01-415)

·          Contaminated Waste Bag, 27L (Livingstone code BHSB65X51)


A suitable container for the safe disposal of needles or other sharp implements

·          Sharps Disposable Container 2L, Square, Yellow (Livingstone code DSS002)

·          Sharps Disposable Container 5L, Square, Yellow (Livingstone code DSS004I)


A couch with blankets and pillows

·          Examination couch 180x60x85cm (Livingstone code KEKH320G)

·          Privacy screen, 4 Fold, Plastic Curtains (Livingstone code SCRNFLDNG40

·          Mattress Protector, 215x160x30cm (Livingstone code MATCL)

·          Pillow (code PILLOW) & Pillow Case (Livingstone code PILLOWC)

·          Blanket, Celloglated, 180x228cm (Livingstone code BLANKETCELSW)

·          Examination Sheet, 105x180cm (Livingstone code CELOAESLARGE)

·          Under Pads, with PE backing, 8 Ply, 56x40cm (Livingstone code UPAD85640


A stretcher, lifting frame or similar device for transporting patients,

·          Livingstone Double Fold Stretcher (Livingstone code CLPVCSTRCHER)

·          Laerdal Baxstrap Spinal Board (Livingstone code LRDSB0000)

·          Wheel Chair, 90kg Max, 59x20cm (Livingstone code WCFS809)


A sufficient supply of soap and disposable towels

·          Livingstone Handwash, Pink, 5L (Livingstone code CMCP398)

·          Livingstone Soap Dispenser, ABS Plastic, 1L (Livingstone code DC800)

·          Livingstone Paper Towel Rolls, Lint Free (Livingstone code ROLLTOWELL)

·          Livingstone Alcohol Wipes, 75/Tub (Livingstone code ALCOHOWIP75)


A copy of the current edition of an occupational first aid handbook approved by Work Cover

·          FA handbook approved Work Cover (Livingstone code FAWBOOK8EDN)


Class A First Aid Kit

·          Livingstone Class A FA Kit (Livingstone code FAKCLAA), Wall Mountable, exceeds NSW OH&S 2001


A Portable Class B First Aid Kit

·          Livingstone Class B FA Kit (Livingstone code FAKCLABP), Portable, exceeds NSW OH&S 2001


Livingstone supplies a full range of first aid & safety supplies essential for your first aid room. The list aforementioned includes some of many Livingstone products suitable for first aid room. Please contact Livingstone sales team should you have any further enquiries.