First Aid Kits by Livingstone International


First Aid Kits


Livingstone International manufactures a huge range of First Aid Kits, First Aid Refills & First Aid Cases. The range available includes Occupational & Industrial First Aid Kits, Vehicle First Aid Kits, Outdoor and Domestic First Aid Kits such as Class A, B & C, Burn & Eye Modules, Chemical Spill & Infectious Waste First Aid Kits, General Purpose, Sports, Personal Kits, Family, Childcare First Aid Kits, etc.

Livingstone First Aid Kits are suitable for large, medium size to small work environments, restaurants, small offices, tradesmen, dentists, vets, laboratories, factories, work & private vehicles, personal, sports use and many more.

First Aid Kits come in different sizes and materials featuring Wall Mountable, Portable Kits, Lockable, Compact, Light Weight Kits, Multiple Compartments and Water Resistant First Aid Kits.

Livingstone also offers Custom Made First Aid Kits that are proven to be great Corporate Gifts and can help build your corporate identity.

Livingstone First Aid Cases come in a range of sizes and materials featuring Plastic Cases, Metal Cabinets, PVC Cases, Plastic Tool Boxes, Nylon Pouches and Sports Bum Bags.

First Aid Kits Refills are easy to use, cost affordable, providing you with the opportunity to restock your first aid kits by yourself, without having to spend any extra money on it.

All first aid kits sold by Livingstone are high in quality, cost affordable and can be customized to cater for specific accidents and requirements.

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