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Sales & Marketing

By Phalanx Consulting Group

Sales and Marketing

An integrated communications process, marketing is used to reach, satisfy and retain customers; profitably. However, in conjunction with defining a sales and marketing plan, businesses must also establish the operational procedures for implementing it.

Business Development and marketing

The Marketing Plan is a blueprint for the action that a business needs to take in order to achieve its revenue and growth goals. Often, businesses that do not plan and implement effective marketing strategies are disadvantaged in the marketplace and reduce their potential sales, profits and customer retention, therefore seriously hamper business development prospects.
Key Benifets

  • Long term approach to business and brand building;
  • Identifies needs and wants of customers;
  • Determines demand for product;
  • Aids design of product or service;
  • Identifies areas for competitive advantage; and
  • Outlines measures for generating sales and profit.

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