SIPA Flextronic Liquid Filler

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

SIPA of Veneto, Italy, a global leader of Packaging and PET Plastics Machinery, have released a new line of highly innovative & extremely flexible modular volumetric liquid fillers called Flextronic. The Flextronic was designed specifically to fill multiple products on the same line such as:

  • Carbonated
  • Still
  • Hot fill up to 95ºC product temperature
  • Cold fill
  • Pulp or non pulp
  • Water
  • Juice

The Flextronic C, a high end model within the new range is an ideal solution for manufacturers of multiple beverage types. The machine is also suitable for different containers, with the ability to switch from one neck size to another.


New filling valves on the Flextronic Fillers have been designed with a clear separation between the pneumatic components and the parts in contact with the product in order to avoid contamination. They are made up of a series of elements that can be separated without disassembling the entire valve for ease of maintenance.

“We decided to look at our existing range of fillers in a new light to see if we could achieve even higher standards of quality and efficiency while retaining the simplicity and sterilizability of the original designs,” says Federico Zannier, SIPA filling line sales manager.

“What we were aiming for was a new generation of fillers that would stand out with their versatility, high performance, ease of use and maintenance, in a complete system characterised by extreme cleanliness.”

In order to achieve these goals, SIPA made use of the latest updates of the best mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components available on the market today. The new Flextronic platform series interfaces with the SFR EVO3 rotary PET blow moulder range