Stretchmaster Pallet Wrap


Australian Warehouse Solutions - Stretchmaster Premium Pallet Wrap is specifically formulated for stretchwrap equipment with pre-stretch heads. It is a leading high performance pallet stretch film.

Stretchmaster Premium – Finally quality pallet wrap at a good price!


AWS continues to lead the Australian market with technically advanced, high performance pallet stretch films. After 30 years of supplying pallet wrap for a diverse range of applications, we are certain that the correct film for the application is the way to go.


With this in mind we have developed Stretchmaster Premium, it is specifically formulated for stretch equipment with pre-stretch heads.


It actually delivers up top 300% stretch.


Stretchmaster pallet wrap is exclusive to AWS and has a unique 7-layers.

A tough outer layer prevents puncturing and high-stretch inner layers to give performance and strength.


Remember to get the best result from your pallet wrapping film, it is important to use the correct "film for the job".


AWS stocks Stretchmaster in clear and black and also offer UV stabilisation additives for outside storage.