STRETCHMASTER cast pallet wrapping film released

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - Finally Australia has access to a technically advanced, high performance pallet stretch film at a reasonable price.

Made on brand new "state of the art" extruders this unique 7-layer pallet wrap has a tough outer layer to prevent punctures and high-stretch inner layers to give performance and strength.

Stretchmaster pallet wrap actually delivers over 300% stetch, making it ideal for out Orion range of pallet wrappers but any high-speed equipment with pre-stretch heads. It also works perfectly in less demanding equipment.

AWS now stock 17, 20, 23 and 25 micron film. Recently AWS added 30UV for outside storage applications and black film to provide load theft security.

In the 30 years of selling film and pallet wrapping machinery AWS believes that to get the best result from your pallet wraping film is that it is important to use the correct "film for the job". With this in mind we offer a no - obligation site visit to assess your applications.