MBD- 99 Dessicant

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - Stop valuable cargo from being ruined by moisture damage in shipping containers by using MBD-99 Desiccant.

Valuable cargo is being ruined by moisture in shipping containers

MBD – 99 Desiccant ensures cargo is delivered without costly damage caused by water condensation. Our unique desiccant was developed to lower the dewpoint inside shipping containers, eliminating moisture damage to cargo while in transit

It is long lasting providing 60 + day’s moisture protection for goods, whilst inhibiting the formation of mould, mildew rust and corrosion by absorbing air born moisture.

The desiccant is available in various sizes with each bag containing guaranteed absorption so you can protect cartons, pallets or whole containers. It also prevents humidity and moisture from weakening cartons and loosening labels.