Dunnage Bags

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - The solution to cargo damage problem during transit, thus eliminating damage to valuable export.

Dunnage Bags eliminates damage caused by loads moving while in transit. Transit damage is an expensive and needless occurrence that can add to the cost of final goods delivery and impact on bottom line profits.

Dunnage Bags are large inflatable pillows made from heavy duty `Kraft’ paper. They are designed to slip flat between the voids in a load.

Once inserted, Dunnage Bags are inflated by compressed air, with the resultant expansion serving to `wedge’ the load against other pallets or the outside walls of the container.

Dunnage Bags are suitable for bracing loads in trucks, rail, or ship containers and are ideal for bracing appliances, chemicals, plywood paper, canned foods, particleboard, fresh produce, machinery.

They are also the perfect bracing for any drummed, palletised, bottled, package or unitised goods.

AWS is the leading manufacturer of Dunnage Bags and Desiccants in Australia. Our 27 years of experience enable us to offer the complete shipping solutions.

· Fast fill valve  - 300% faster filling. 
· Multi-layer liner  - 200% more puncture 
· Double-seal - 200% stronger 
· Multi-use bag - one way and reusable
· Inflator Tool - fills/deflates in less than 20 secs. 

To ensure the total solution, AWS provides a complete logistics and technical service.