EGX-Pro Rotary Engravers

By Roland DG Australia Pty Ltd
  • EGX-Pro Rotary Engravers

Roland EGX Pro engravers have the power, size and speed professional engravers need.
In addition to personalised awards, corporate crests and promotional items, these bench-top devices are part of a complete solution for producing quality indoor and ADA compliant signage. Your signs will have an upscale look while meeting all ADA regulations.
- Digital AC Servo brushless motors on all axes for unmatched precision
- 30,000 rpm spindle for higher torque and less vibration
- 2D and 3D Engraving
- 2 MB data re-plot buffet
- Sequence I/O control for networking
- Engraving software included 
Features & Benefits:
1. High Speed Engraving
Roland High Speed Engraving (HSE) owes its   amazing speed and quality to both servo motors and Feed Forward Processing (FFP). Servo motors generate plenty of torque for smooth, fast engraving; while FFP "look ahead" technology anticipates tool path for greater accuracy and  energy efficiency.
2. Computerised Engraving Made Easy
The EGX-400 and EGX-600 don't even need a desktop or laptop computer. Simply use a removable MMC memory card to store programmed files and then insert it directly into the EGX for engraving. A separate teaching feature allows you to send   operating commands directly from the control panel to the machine, also without using a PC. The commands can be saved in the built-in memory or on the removable MMC memory card.
3. Production Line Engraving
If you really want to kick your production into high gear, connect multiple EGX PROs together with Roland's sequence I/O controller. It makes production-line engraving easy.
4. Bundled Software
 Dr. Engrave uses TrueType fonts and includes   an automatic layout function for importing Excel and CSV database files for fast engraving of product serial numbers and nametags. The software quickly and easily imports data and places columns of information into pre-defined text boxes to produce corporate nametags for an entire door-numbering project. Dr. Engrave is compatible with Windows. The Roland EGX-400 and EGX-600 both have a maximum engraving speed of 100 mm/second and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000 rpm. Both can engrave a wide variety of materials, including wood, urethane foam, plastic, acrylic, and light metals such as brass and aluminium.
5. Materials
The EGX-400 and EGX-600 make it fast and easy to engrave or scribe a wide variety of materials. Spindle speed can be varied   between 8,000 and 30,000 rpm for engraving a wide variety of materials, including wood, urethane foam, plastic, acrylic, and light metals such as brass and aluminium.
6. Big Jobs
The EGX-400 and EGX-600 employ a gantry X-axis rail and flat table system that provides space for placing long boards for larger signs. An optional center vice quickly secures engraving materials.
7. Remote Control
The hand-held control panel can be extended from the machine, allowing you to start or pause a job from a safe distance. It has a jog dial for changing spindle speed and selecting options on the menu.
8. Roland Reliability 
Roland engravers have earned a worldwide reputation for reliable performance and outstanding results. Like all Roland products, they come with an international ISO certification. This signals Roland's commitment to offering top quality products backed up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.