Order Management

By LSA Australia

Order Management allows companies to manage a large volume of customer orders and meet varied fulfillment objectives. The application helps users manage customer order allocation and new product deployment planning throughout the supply chain. Order Management helps you achieve optimized fulfillment, rapid order processing cycles, cost-effective sourcing of inventory to customer orders, and increased revenue with capabilities such as substitution, cross-selling items, and Value Added Services.

  • Save time processing orders with easy-to-useWindows features and “Drag and Drop” capabilities.
  • Improve customer support, order monitoring, and order maintenance with access to detailed order status information.
  • Confirm current inventory availability and future availability.
  • Define primary and alternate warehouses for each customer.
  • Track inventory easily.
  • Reserve inventory for priority customers with future ship

Price Book

Price Book is a flexible pricing and commissions tool. This module integrates with the Order Management window and other ERP pricing packages. The application maintains its definitions in a separate database from the ERP database, with
derivations available through an open COM interface, allowing Price Book to be a centralized pricing solution.

  • Establish price breaks based on cost or quantity (e.g., spend $100 and get a 20% discount, or buy two and get 20% off).
  • Set up prices by customer, part, market, commodity, or groups.
  • Adjust prices “across the board” to eliminate redundant adjustments.
  • Use custom formulas to create any combination of prices or discounts.
  • Define commissions for sales staff.