Executive Information System (EIS)

By LSA Australia

Infor designed the Executive Information System (EIS) to provide executive decision makers with a powerful, yet simple tool that allows them to view and analyze key factors and performance trends in the areas of sales, purchasing, production, and finance.

EIS allows you to see both summary and detail level data. You can display summarized data that reflects the overall status of your enterprise.

EIS spotlights areas that need attention before situations become critical and costly by highlighting key performance indicators. Drill-down capabilities provide you with the flexibility to trace problem areas directly to the source.

  • Point-and-click your way through an easy-to-use graphical display of Infor VISUAL Enterprise data.
  • Choose between pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs.
  • Display highly summarized data, then drill down to the detail level.
  • Signal uncontrolled situations with upper and lower limit alarms.
  • Search, sort, and filter information using pre-programmed buttons.
  • Select which time frames to include and which measurements to monitor.